A Little Bit About Me

HelenHi I’m Helen Hieble.

I am twenty six years old living in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. I attended Goddard College in Plainsfield,Vermont and I graduated in the Spring of 2013 with an Individualized Bachelor of Arts degree in Fantasy Literature and Disability Studies. This extends to my specialty as a writer, and copyeditor.

I specialize in supernatural concepts and history as well as under-represented voices in literature. I also have an extensive knowledge of literature in and outside my specialty rooted in my life-long love of reading.  This includes a passion for Japanese penned manga and literature as well.

I have written and self-published one Fantasy novella, The Wizard of Hirodenal, which is available for purchase at Amazon by clicking here (There is no need to buy the $800 version; Amazon is just being silly).

I have also written a journal, My Favorite Things: A Journal To Record Your Favorites, From Anime to Video Games, which is available for purchase at Bookemon.com by clicking here. 

I have been Copyediting for over five years, and began writing well over fifteen years ago. In addition I am skilled in formatting templates and documents with the end goal of making customized journals.

Feel free to message me any time at: Helen.Hieble@gmail.com

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