Services Offered



  1. Invitations (Wedding, Birthday Party, Holiday Party, Graduation Party, etc)
  2. Greeting Cards (Holiday, Birthday, Get Well Soon, Friendship/Just Because, etc)
  3. Customized Printable Journal Pages (Book/Movie Tracker, Recipes, Diary, etc)
  4. Customized Printable Lists (To-Do Lists, Shopping Lists, etc)
  5. Copyediting Services (specializing in Young Adult/Adult fantasy/science fiction manuscripts but other popular genres accepted, comic/webcomic scripts, etc/see above services)



Writing and Copyediting

Given my love of the craft, naturally I want to extend what I love and am good at to you, the client. I am regularly writing short stories, making progress on my next novel, and other writing pursuits. This includes any passion or business projects you may need help developing. As I have already established, I have a strong interest in fantasy, romance, and in general fantastical literature. I also am familiar with Young Adult and Children’s, Comic Book, and Romance manuscripts. Thus I can be an immense help in helping one write in those genres, extending to the tasks of consulting and copyediting. Even outside my genre I have resources and research skills to assist in any story or genre you may be interested in hiring me for. Do note that “copyediting” refers to editing a work for grammar, spelling, and structure and is a particular strength of mine


Journal Composition

I have designed many types of journals. I’ve not only self-published one for sale (as mentioned), but for my many other interests and hobbies. I can edit them to suit anything you may need, from a place to record your hobbies, a travel journal, or even a secret diary. My Journal Pages can be made very simple or very complex. It all depends on what you need. When the pages are complete and once you are satisfied with how they look, I can send the pages as a PDF file so that you can print with your own paper, or I can print them for you on special paper and in special styles. I can make the journal pages in two different sizes, Letter and Half-Letter size. I have come to prefer Half-Letter size because it’s smaller and easier to carry around, but if you want to go more traditional with a more standard size that is still available and easy to produce. Just let me know what size you prefer and your custom journals pages will be done in that size. Invitation design is also available.


Prices are negotiable and start at $10/h for all services.

You can contact me at